Moving With Grace


I was having a hard time with this prompt, as grace is mostly associated with Christianity, for me, and not even from the Christian tradition I grew up in, which had more of a focus on good works and was at theological odds with the grace camp. So I don’t know a lot about their version of it, and I never even hear the term outside of that context, unless we’re talking about graciousness or the physical grace of dancers, birds, etc.

I’m going to define grace as divine help, a source of strength to draw on, beauty, harmony, health, and compassion. Things at their best, in their easiest flow… the opposite being dis-ease, I suppose.

I could just fold that into my definition of magic. I’ve always felt loved by/love for the universe, felt helped along in subtle and great ways, and felt surprised by so many synchronicities of such quality that there was no room left for doubting that magic is real.

I’m starting to think as I write this that perhaps it’s time that magic should fold into grace, in my schema, now that I see magic as so pervasive as to not be markedly different from the rest of life. It was something special I was attracted to in my young life, but now I live within it, and everything is made of it. Grace is the spiritual health of being in harmony with everything, even with disharmony/disease/disgrace, which has its place. It’s contented, yet excited, interconnection with all that is. It’s being at home and loving being at home, even when home is messy, even when you’re cleaning it up. It’s belonging.

Bumpier roads aren’t even all that hard to navigate, anymore. The flow carries me along with ease. I go where I’m called and I bring harmony and healing, magic and love, and just patiently do the work that needs doing, knowing it will eventually work as it should. That which is sustainable, sustains. The rest decays and feeds the next. Nature eventually evolves the most graceful system that fits what exists. Things fall into harmony, given enough time. It is a process that moves through time. I trust Nature. Her grace is the oldest and strongest and most beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Moving With Grace

  1. Although the Christian experience of my youth was more involved with the “grace camp,” there seemed some confusion with the “good works camp” principles. Nevertheless, it sounds like we both came to similar ideas of what grace is truly about. Reflection upon the Christian example set for me suggested that dogma can interfere with understanding grace and gracious living. Your simple words seem to express it well for me.

    • Awenydd of the Mountains says:

      Dogma interferes with so much of what is spiritual. 😦 It’s nice to hear that my expression connected with you. 🙂 Thanks.

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