About the Awenydd


Awenydd is a Welsh and Cornish word which means poet/seer/oracle. It is pronounced “ah-wen-ith” with a hard th, as in they, rather than the soft th of thistle. The plural form is Awenyddion. Awen is poetic/prophetic inspiration, put simply. I explain more, here.

My name is Lia, which I have decided is short for Folia (as in leaves and pages), or on some days when I’m feeling vast, short for Liakoura, the mountain where the Greek Muses, the Oracle of Delphi, and Orpheus lived, known as the home of music, poetry, literature, and learning.

I am a poet, anthropology/philosophy/botany student, bard, bookworm, artist, crafter, musician, parent, partner, and lover of life and beauty and darkness and the entire mystery.

I am an animistic Pagan with strong affinities for Druidry, shamanism, and hedgecraft. I am currently a Bardic grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.

Awenydd of the Mountains is my personal spirituality blog… for sharing my general spiritual musings. A larger gathering of Awenyddion can be found here.

For my explorations into feminine spirituality, specifically, I write The Tangled Hedge over at SageWoman Blogs.

For the intersection of spirituality and social/economic justice, I write/edit at Gods & Radicals and spend time with the admirable UUs.

Be welcome in my grove, be open-hearted here, and may we learn from each other.


[Featured header image is by A Peutherer]
[Profile Pic is by Robin Quinlivan]


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