A New Book About Awenyddion!

In affiliation with the Awen & Awenydd community I have co-edited (with Lorna Smithers and Greg Hill) an anthology of several awenyddion sharing their view of what being an awenydd means to them and select pieces of their inspired works.

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Join us and walk the deer trods of Elen, shiver at the horn of Gwyn ap Nudd, take your turn at the harp of Mabon, enter the faerie mounds; stand before the cauldron of Ceridwen and be transformed.

Lorna Smithers’ blog post announcing “The Deep Music: Offerings for the Awen

It is a collection of truly beautiful poetry and poetic musings on the path of the Awenydd, written by inspired poets with remarkable, resonant depths of soul. I immensely enjoyed reading the contributions and seeing the Awen through the perspectives of all the beautiful minds participating.

Truths dew on tongues
and we weave a well
when awen pools
where poets dwell

It has been a pleasure to gather with other awenyddion and explore and develop the path together, at the Awen & Awenydd web site and discussion group, and in this book project. The editors are also contributors, so my essay, “The Cauldron of Poesy,” and my poems, “Green Spirit,” “Ripe,” and “Vesica Pisces” (spelling intentional), can be found in the book.

The anthology can be purchased here.

Let me know how it lands with you, if you read it. And come explore Awen & Awenydd if you’re interested in learning more about the path of the Awenydd.



Earth Day 2015

It’s not all pretty. The earth knows terrible things. She receives all deaths, gentle and brutal. She bears the pain of every birth. She turns all things back into herself; she worries the bones to dust. She is changing, always changing. Layers shift. Her own bones crash and break. Tides heave. Rock erupts into fire. It’s not all pretty. Beauty never is. ~Elizabeth Cunningham, “Magdalen Rising

Happy Earth Day! Let’s remember and be grateful for our Mother’s care, and care for her with gracious hearts and devoted hands.

What could be more precious than the only planet we know of in all the universe that sustains life?!

And she does it so beautifully.