New Blog Address

You may have been surprised to find a notification that I’m following your blog again when you thought I already had been.

It was time to change my blog address from tangledgrove to awenyddofthemountains to match the new name I gave the blog earlier this year (and to keep a separate account from my other blogging so this one can have its own profile). Making a separate account means that I left my followers and followed-blogs in the reader of my other account. *sigh* I also have to go make redirect posts on the old blog address for my posts on The Pagan Experience site. But it had to be done, and sooner rather than later so I’d only have half a year’s worth of posts to redirect, rather than more, if I’d waited.

So here I am, again, still. 😀 Refollow from here if you want to follow my future posts. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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