No Words Without Water


The Pagan Experience’s Monday Musing: Water – We are beings of water, but do we really honor it as element, physiologic need and the beginnings of our lives as humans? How do you honor water? How will you ensure its ebb and flow?


[Photo: Dancing Earth]

I’m struggling to express this, even though I’m sure I could wax poetic all day… water is more important/beautiful/sacred than words can ultimately touch.

There would be no words without water…

… no humans with language. No animals. No plants. No life (as we Earthlings know it). No experience to describe. No ears to hear, no eyes to read, no brain to comprehend.

Perhaps there would be no worlds without water.

This perfect element… its polar molecular structure that gives coherence and adherence, its solvent properties, the crucial way it interacts with hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules as well as hydrophobic (water-averse) ones forming our very biological structures… makes magical things happen. Like life. Like cleansing. Like flooding/freezing/flowing. It shaped you and me, all of the animals and plants and fungi and bacteria, and even Mother Earth. Water is more precious than gold or diamonds. I try not to ever waste it. I live in a desert. I know its worth.

I learned a lot about water when I was studying plant biology. Water is as important to plant cells as it is to animal cells, naturally, and a great deal of the structure of plants has to do with water… its transport, storage, use, and controlled evaporation. My affection for plants has made me all the more sensitive to the sanctity of water. My friends of Kingdom Plantae consider water most precious. If I have ever been a plant, that could explain my fondness for water, as well as for light. 😉 (Ooh, light would be a great topic when the letter L comes up in a few weeks!)

I had written a chant/meditation about water, last year, but it’s currently apocryphal on my old laptop’s hard drive rather than with my poems. It was the preface to a story I was writing about a traveler from the Water People of the forested shore, who was visiting and studying with the Fire People in the desert. It would have been a fitting honor to enshrine here. Perhaps I can share it later. I can also honor it with this…

An exhortation to my people… the Water/Fire/Air/Earth/Spirit People of Earth… our water (as with the rest of our elemental spiritual ancestors/titans/gods, actually) is being threatened by pollution and greed. The sickness of the culture of disconnection and imbalance is already beginning to steal it from us all. We’ll need to know our connection to it and dependence on it if we are to join our indigenous sisters and brothers of Earth in defending it. They are already standing and walking and shouting for it, on every continent, and they need our help. Let’s be good ancestors and preserve the water of life for our descendants, or we may not get to be ancestors at all.

One thought on “No Words Without Water

  1. I was watching the sun set last night. As usual, I found myself fascinated by the way light plays off water (clouds.) There is a fascinating relationship between light and water, or fire and water… if you wish. Water subdues fire, and fire disperses (evaporates) water. However, light (as a more refined “fire”) plays with water (and vice versa) in such magnificent ways. I hope you do write about light later.

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