As Above, So Below


The Pagan Experience’s Monday Musing: As Above, So Below – What do you seek from the Divine? How is that reflected in the mundane? Where do you find your place of synthesis?


[Image by Robin Quinlivan]

I have always loved this proverb (The Law of Correspondences). “As above, so below. As the universe, so the soul. As within, so without.” It doesn’t even need elaboration. You can even snip it to the first third and get the key concept, and start imagining all the ways it applies.

What do I seek from the Divine? Do I seek anything? A relationship… but then, that already exists simply because I exist and am a part of it. Realizing a relationship, then. Perhaps I seek to express divinity, as well as to observe it being expressed through other beings and other existences, and to love all of the expressions.

That is reflected in the “mundane” — which I don’t see as mundane because everything is sacred (when nature is your god…) — in absolutely everything! All the natural processes and everyday realities are expressions of nature… nature/multiverse/universe unfolding… in all directions and dimensions.

You could say that it is reflected in my hearth-craft, since I imbue my very housework with sacred meaning, and practice it in a devotional and mindful and heartful fashion. My hedge-craft as well, because I bring the inner/outer dimensions of dreams, spirit work, and practical knowledge into balance with each other and with everyday life and community. Even poetry… a blending of mythos and logos… off-label language use… spinning magic and smithing art with soul-fire and the tools of culture.

My place of synthesis is in balance and wholeness. From all I gather in, I take inspiration and create. Observe, learn, create. Gather perspective, study, and generate. Live, laugh, love. Learn so much from everything I can, that the big picture becomes clear, and I can see the imbalances, and reach out to help correct them, and even realize how little reaching it takes. Love gives leverage, and lends quite a bit of power to healing. The big picture also reveals the beautiful balance of light and darkness… every knit stitch is also a purl, from the other direction… and the tapestry is awesome. And we get to participate… as weaver and weave. And in loving it, it becomes indescribably beautiful, just as it is. Each change made is another beauty… each thread, each dye, each dive and soar of the shuttle… order, chaos, change… sacred dance.


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