Deities and the Divine

The Pagan Experience prompt for week 3:
Deity and the Divine –
Not everyone has a particular Deity that they work with. But, everyone has an archetypal form or energy that flows through their chosen path. This may be the spirit of Hope or Compassion; the energy derived from the Full Moon, a beautiful sunset or sitting at the ocean’s edge.

[Note:This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you.]

[Art by Martina Stipan]

I have mentioned that I’m a naturalistic Pagan, and so the divine = the universe, and deities are archetypes in my spirituality, rather than literal god-beings, since I haven’t been able to witness or make contact with them in nature as such, despite my openness to discovering and interacting with such beings.

This is not a problem for me. I get rich awe and fulfillment from archetypes. For an imaginative Piscean and poet with shamanic leanings, like me, that’s pretty much the same thing as extant god-beings. Experiences lived in my imagination are fairly well just as good as those I live outside it. I learn lessons from both kinds of experiences as if they were the same. So this distinction is perhaps minor and kind of irrelevant. But I do like to state the truth and get the semantics right. Accuracy is important to me. So this is my truth as it fits into my worldview. Yours may vary, and I don’t necessarily think you’re wrong if it does. Kind visitors, please don’t feel threatened if mine differs from yours. I am open to yours, too. 🙂

So having laid that out, I can say that there are plenty of deities from various cultures that I feel strong affinities with. I’ve mentioned recently that I’m even considering *gasp* praying to my favorites. I would like to bring relationships more strongly to bear with these archetypes. I think it would be beneficial for me at this time.

For almost as long as I have been Pagan and looking at mythological texts, I’ve been drawn to the Welsh language and mythology. It seemed to have a certain potent power and allure. I do have Welsh heritage, but it’s more distant in my lineage than my Scottish, English, Dutch, Danish, etc. Even as I was more actively interested in Scottish things, “Oooh, Welsh!” was kind of like “Ooh, squirrel!” and would capture my attention. I don’t even know why. So I just trust my feelings and enjoy the pull. So the Welsh pantheon feel kind of like family, to a greater degree than the rest of the Celtic pantheon.

I have long been drawn most strongly to the Horned One and to the Green Man/Woman. I am a forest child. I may cover them in a later post. I am currently focusing on the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, so I may start with them next month, after this month’s introduction to my concept of deity.

Or perhaps, “Hestia comes first.”


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