Artemis is drawing me, this January, as I begin an exploration of women’s spirituality. I’ve always had an affinity for her that I never actively explored, but it has gotten stronger recently as I started blogging for SageWoman Blogs looking at Goddess spirituality from the perspective of an animistic pantheist. I seem to be stepping into an archetype of wild huntress who crosses the hedge from the outside… comes out of the woods to take her place in the circle of women.

My journey took me far out into the darkness and left me there to find my way through with only my inner light…. to nourish myself, make alliances with nature, and find balance in the web we all walk. It left me somewhat battered and I’m healing from that, but hoping that I won’t be too awkward among the women with my rusty communication, new habitual lack of concern for gender, and hesitant remembering of the social conventions of the inside of the hedge – the village. The shaman sees through cultural constructs like gender, and it is a bit awkward now to embrace it, but I sense there is magic in the circle of women that is needed for myself and for a holistic world. Women, the adept healers, probably hold a key piece for restoring lost connections that made balance more difficult (even if harder ends in stronger). That sounds true for me, but also for restoring the balance and connections of humanity. There is something there that I belong to, that also belongs to me. Surely the wild woman, at home in the numinous wilds with the deer and the moon, has a place there in the sunlit society of village and sisterhood, and can learn to feel at home again there, too.

So I think I’ll be embracing Artemis this year, but in the context of being part of a larger whole – a pantheon, a society, an ecosystem – a protector of animals AND women and children… a moon goddess joining her sun brother and family for communal living, part of the time. Perhaps this is where maiden grows into mother, among family, and crone when she has both wild and hearth in her heart.

If you share an affinity for Artemis (Greek version or Ephesian) feel free to share something about her here, in the comments. 🙂


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