“Bards in the Old Forest” by lomehir (


Pagan Blog Project 2013 — Week 4 (entry #156)

B is for Bards

Bards were an early fascination for me, both where I read about them as I devoured everything I could find on Celts, and in fiction… as well as a profession or archetype I related to, being a creative, artistic type of person, myself. Even the oral historian aspect appealed to me. I love history.

Music and poetry and theatre were the very arts I had already been involved in for some time, by the time I came across the term.

Life isn’t exactly packaged impeccably and presented in a bow, so even though I got involved in the SCA at the end of my teen years, and witnessed a couple of their Bardic Circles, I never did get to play with that. I got busy raising kids, and the closest I come now is writing poetry, recording my personal and family history in my journal, studying and talking about history, and trying to learn a few folk songs that I could pull out if ever there’s a campfire or excuse to sing something. But I do hope to delve more into the bardic arts in the future.

The space where I post my poetry is dedicated to Taliesin.

Bardic arts also, obviously, tie into my affinity for Druidry. Bardic arts seem to be the natural product of awen. And it ties into Shamanism. Shamans tend to be the member of the community who is the storyteller/psychologist/psychopomp/artist. Druidry was pretty much the shamanic tradition in its culture. All of which feels very familiar to me as I learn about it… feels more like remembering than learning. 😉


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