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Pagan Blog Project 2013 — Week 2

A is for Animism

I recently came across this article by Harry Garuba in an animism-themed issue of the e-flux journal, and after reading it I posted the link to my G+ and Facebook profiles accompanied by this quote:

The Christian fear of the Pagan outlook has damaged the whole consciousness of man.
― D. H. Lawrence

I think a lot of Pagans have caught onto this, and found their way back to the broader, more natural epistemology. I tend to think to myself, if not say, “The Religion of The Earth” when I think of Pagan or animistic spirituality, like it’s the obvious and natural way of things. And if you’ve studied anthropology, you’ve seen that it really is. These newfangled monotheistic religions are quite the experiment in diverging from the evolution and natural psychology of the human mind and spirit. And IMHO, the consequences have been disastrous, both for the planet and for individuals.

Before our white brothers came to civilize us we had no jails. Therefore, we had no criminals. You can’t have criminals without a jail. We had no locks or keys, and so we had no thieves. If a man was so poor that he had no horse, tipi or blanket, someone gave him these things. We were too uncivilized to set much value on personal belongings. We wanted to have things only in order to give them away. We had no money, and therefore a man’s worth couldn’t be measured by it. We had no written law, no attorneys or politicians, therefore we couldn’t cheat. We really were in a bad way before the white men came, and I don’t know how we managed to get along without these basic things which, we are told, are absolutely necessary to make a civilized society.”
John Lame Deer

But we’re starting to turn around, to see more individuals waking up from the narrow world, the nightmare. They’re gathering and strengthening and preparing to save the Mother planet and their animal and plant siblings from the blindness, the sickness that has infected large swaths humanity, that causes them to harm each other and their own home, their own Mother Earth and Father Sky in the pursuit of illusions, in the absence of awareness of their connection to the world and people around them.

“”Western consciousness is by no means the only kind of consciousness there is,” Carl Jung reminds us; “it is historically conditioned and geographically limited, and representative of only one part of mankind.” In the Western world, our orientation is outward, toward the manipulation of the material world. Better than any previous society we have learned how to let the machine perform this work for us; now it is increasingly obvious that it also does our thinking and imagining for us. Wittingly or not, we pattern our life and society after it; they are increasingly mechanized, standardized, impersonal, fragmented, and repetitive. As Friedrich Schiller long ago noted, “Eternally chained to only one single little fragment of the whole, Man himself grew to be only a fragment; with the monotonous noise of the wheel he drives everlastingly in his ears, he never develops the harmony of his being, and instead of imprinting humanity upon his nature he becomes merely the imprint of his occupation, of his science.””
― Robert E. Ryan, The Strong Eye of Shamanism

I call to everyone to roll around and look up from the horizontal plane of our Western cultural world-story and discover the vertical axis that allows you to move in 3D, to perceive the world of spirit that moves with you. Climb and descend, and be whole. Bring healing to our Earth community.

Note: This blog post has been kind of narrowly focused, (since I find the above matters kind of urgent and so this is what rose to the fore) rather than a broad overview of animism, itself. I’m sure other bloggers in the Pagan Blog Project will cover that, and I recommend researching the topic, as it’s a deep, ancient, and rich concept, and it is a large and beautiful part of our human heritage. The animism issue of the e-flux journal is a resource I’m still exploring, and there are plenty of books, etc.


2 thoughts on “Animism

  1. onyx1688 says:

    hey fellow pbp blogger~ i know this is from last year but i’ve been stalking your older posts after i saw your post on Artemis and this one is by far my favorite ^~^ you pinpointed bullseye exactly the problem of civilisation, and thank you for being a person who thinks this way 😀

    • Lia says:

      Thank you for the same! 🙂 And for the comment. I’ve been so busy with school that I didn’t see this till now! 😀

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