Welcome to Awenydd of the Mountains

Awenydd of the Mountains is my personal spirituality blog… the place where I explore and share my general spiritual musings. For my explorations into women’s mysteries, specifically, I write The Tangled Hedge over at SageWoman Blogs.

Awenydd is a Welsh and Cornish word which means poet, and implies prophet/seer/oracle. Awen is poetic/prophetic inspiration, put simply. I explain more, here.

I am an animistic Pagan and a Spiritual Naturalist. I’m epistemologically agnostic, technically atheistic (but can celebrate your relationship with your gods, and relate to the gods as archetypes, myself), and of the opinion that the “supernatural” is not unnatural, just not understood yet by our society, and mislabeled. A rather cosmic consciousness informs my perception. I have strong affinities for Druidry, shamanism, and hedgecraft… very nature-focused and Earth-based, or more holistically, Universe-based. 🙂 Spirituality and the mystical are not in conflict with Science and the rational. Mythos and Logos are two kinds of knowledge that should be in balance and harmony for wisdom to thrive.

I am a poet, mother, anthropology and philosophy student, bookworm, artist, crafter, musician, and lover of life and beauty and darkness and the entire mystery.

Be welcome in my grove, be open-hearted here, and may we learn from each other.



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